Katie O’Malley

Funny fact: my sister and I both married police officers. Serious fact: we both live the reality of being a law enforcement family. It definitely is rewarding, knowing that our husbands make a positive difference in this world every day by making it safer for everyone, but it is also difficult. We know what is like to be a single, but married, parent. We have two young children.

The law enforcement career puts demands on our husbands’ sleep, time with family and of course there is the danger factor. We are used to sharing our spouses with the departments. However, the thought of losing a spouse to work related violence is something that is always a real possibility. For some, a harsh reality… What can we do for them?

We know that we cannot fill that void, but we can ensure that their family remains in the hearts of our law enforcement family through Band of Blue. We will make sure the children are honored and given opportunities that their fallen parent would have wanted. I have had the opportunity to work with a group of women that started the SSO (Spousal Support Organization) for wives of police officers. I have a passion for non-profit organizations and Band of Blue is one that is very close to my heart. I am ready to give this organization every thing that it needs to be successful.

— Katie O’Malley, Board Member

Email Katie: katie@bandblue.org