Joshua O’Malley

Throughout my career in law enforcement I, like every other officer, have seen the stories of fellow officers that have died in the line of duty. You feel bad for the families left behind, but you can’t dwell on the loss. You move forward. That’s what cops do, we experience the worst society has to offer and we move forward. That sadness still looms in the back of your mind, and you often wonder if you will experience the same fate. As I became a father my views began to change. I then saw the tragic stories that happen across the country involving my fellow officers, and now I picture my children experiencing this loss. The mindset changes from me, as the victim, to my children becoming the victim… should I make the ultimate sacrifice. When Mike spoke to me about Band of Blue, I immediately knew I wanted to be part of this. Everything about the mission made sense, and to me this is about moving forward. Helping the surviving children move forward with the entire law enforcement family by their side.

— Joshua O’Malley, Board Member

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