Band of Blue is a nationwide nonprofit organization that focuses on providing support to the children of law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty. Our mission is to impact the lives of the children of these fallen heroes. Every day, all across this country, brave men and women will put their lives on the line. They will say goodbye to their families not knowing if they will return home. Each year, approximately 150 law enforcement officers will not return home. Through our efforts, Band of Blue will provide assurance to the children of our fallen brothers and sisters by welcoming them into our great law enforcement family. Because Band of Blue is about family, our law enforcement family.

Only those who wear the badge understand the stress of leaving your family to serve your community and the fear of not returning home. While we can’t bring their loved ones home, “Band of Blue” can bring a once-in-a-lifetime experience to the children of fellow law enforcement officers who’ve lost their lives in the line of duty. Help us help the families of our fellow officers in law enforcement by uplifting their children, if only for a moment in time, when they need it most.

Band of Blue will supplement existing efforts to assist the children of officers killed in the line of duty. When an agency experiences a loss, members of these agencies rally around the surviving family. Band Of Blue strives to be an additional resource for these by providing a unique experience to the surviving children. Referrals from the families themselves and the departments of the affected officers allow Band of Blue to understand and appreciate the unique challenges each family faces. Funds will be raised through a variety of resources to assist these children.

An extension of the mission of Band of Blue is to provide an outlet for the grief that law enforcement officers experience when a fellow officer is lost in the line of duty. Band of Blue will be there for fellow officers as well as the affected family. The void in the family left behind pains every fellow officer. We strive to make Band of Blue an organization you can confidently rally behind to directly affect the fallen officer’s family. Band of Blue will provide a relief to the helplessness that many officers feel when they learn of a tragic loss in their law enforcement family.