Our Impact

 Imagine that each day, when you leave for work, you face the very real risk that you might not see your child again. Imagine the strength that dedication requires – saying goodbye to your little girl or little boy each day. Now, imagine you are that child, who’s parent is a police officer and they gave their life in the line of duty  – now you are saying goodbye to them one last time.

Help us touch the lives of these families who’s mother or father gave the ultimate sacrifice. Imagine the impact you can have, by helping Band of Blue,  on that child’s life as we strive to help them recover by offering them the chance of  a lifetime.

Our Family

On October 29, 2016 Deputy Sheriff Dan Glaze was shot and killed while investigating a suspicious vehicle.  Dan arrived at the scene and located the vehicle in a field.  He radioed in a description of the vehicle but did not respond to additional radio traffic or calls to his cell phone.  Responding units found Dan […]

Band of Blue will Never Let You Go

Each year, approximately 150 law enforcement officers will not return home. Only those who wear the badge can truly appreciate the stress that is inherent with potentially leaving their families unattended for. “Band of Blue” gives structure to the need of each individual officer to have confidence that their kindred spirits in law enforcement will […]