2018 Fundraisng

Back the Badge Golf Outing and Dinner

We are proud to announce the 3rd annual Back the Badge Golf Outing and Dinner to be held on Monday September 10th, 2017 at Rivermoor Golf Club in Waterford WI. 30802 Waterford Dr.
(11:00 Registration/Lunch, 12:00 Shotgun start, 6:00 Dinner Event)

We would again like to show our support by allowing as many police officers as possible to play golf, have lunch and dinner, and enjoy the day with each other and folks from the local communities. We are soliciting sponsorships from local businesses, community leaders and the general public so that these officers do not have to pay to participate.

As part of this event, additional funds which will be contributed to the “BAND OF BLUE” (www.bandblue.org) organization that provides support for officers helping the families of officers lost in the line of duty.

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